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These nights aim to provide solid comedy entertainment in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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Social media isn't simply a way of life for kids -- it's life itself.

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To support children with their video chats: Choose a good time of day.

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Since video chat only involves sight and sound, help your child to concentrate on those senses. Do you wonder how to help your young child and his loved ones stay in touch when they are far apart?

When young children interact in person, they pick up communication cues from sight, sound, smell, and touch. Infants and toddlers learn to recognize and feel comfortable with a real person on the screen when they hear that same sound each time they see the person.

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Note: There are a of options for video chatting. By: Karen Nemeth Do you wonder how to help your young child and his loved ones stay in touch when they are far apart? Skype can be downloaded for free on any computer or tablet device.

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Plan in advance and pretend to share snacks. Repeat questions raised by her far away friend or family member or point out things your child can see and identify. Here are some ideas to make video calls more interactive for young children.

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Help your child adjust for the medium. This means as long as the person on younger to chat other side of the screen is interacting with and responding in real time, they are not only staying connected to your young child, but can also have many of the positive impacts of responsive communication. This is important because they often depend more on smell and touch when meeting a person — so they need more visual and sound cues to recognize you on video chat.

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A quick, spontaneous chat can be a fun way for distant grownups and children to feel close to each other. Audience: Family.

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Children as young as 8 months old respond very well to interactions with people via video chat platforms. She is also a video chat expert having kept in touch with her grandson who lives on another continent.

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Use a lot of gestures. To make video chats more interactive: Try using a tablet or laptop so you can both move around to show different view sand different activities. Using video chat means children have to sit quietly at times and focus on the screen.

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Similar can be achieved with other video chat platforms like Facetime or Google Hangout. Make sure to use the same greeting each time and in the same tone of voice when chatting with infants and toddlers.

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Tips for adults chatting with young children: Practice looking at the camera — it is tempting to keep your eyes on your own picture, or the images on the screen — but you really make eye contact when you look at the camera and that is better for interactive communication.