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Similarly, ificant curves were presented in red titles, and black titles showed non-ificant. Yen-Hsi Liu. Yung-Fu Wu. Kuen-Haur Lee. Chih-Yang Wang. Breast cancer BRCA is one of the most complex diseases and involves several biological processes. Expression levels of LAGEs varied in different breast cancer cell lines. Among all these, the LAGE3 gene family was particularly overexpressed in breast cancer tissues compared to normal samples in 18 analyses Figure 1 A. Detail information of included datasets are displayed in Table S1 in Supplementary Materials. Gangga Anuraga. The intersection of co-expression gene lists of each gene in the LAGE family.

Next, MetaCore free lages cell phone chat lines of the enriched biological processes showed that the genes expressed with LAGE2A were involved in molecular processes related to the cell cycle. Breast cancer BRCA s for the largest proportion of cancer cases in females, and exploring its progression mechanisms is crucial for therapeutic development [ 23456 ].

These microarrays contain sections from 46 normal human tissues and more than 20 types of human cancer [ 565758 ]. For survival analysis, the Kaplan-Meier plotter was applied, with all default settings, the Distant metastasis free survival DMFS was selected, with the Jetset as the best probe. Support Find support for a specific problem in the support section of our website. Since altered gene expressions have long been proposed to play a part in cancer development as oncogenes or tumor suppressors, there is a need to understand the different perceptions of LAGE family members between various subtypes of BRCA.

Therefore, it is pivotal to determine new biomarkers to improve patient prognoses and develop effectual interpositions. Due to their expeditiousness and robustness in screening potential targets in diseases, high-throughput technologies are now playing critical roles in the biomedical fields. BRCA has the highest prevalence compared to most other types of cancer, particularly in women [ 6465 ]. Next, MetaCore explanation of the enriched biological processes revealed that the genes free lages cell phone chat lines with LAGE2B were involved in molecular processes related to the cell cycle.

Give Feedback. LAGE family members participate in cellular transformation and potentially mediate the onset of cancers. A Pilot Study. More elevated gene expression levels of LAGEs were found in higher-stage breast cancers than in lower-stage cancers and normal tissues. To confirm the prognostic power of these family of genes, we conducted integrative data analyses based on the Kaplan-Meier database to explore the relevance of expressions of LAGE family genes as well as their prognostic levels in clinical patients [ 30 ].

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Many alterations in essential enzyme activities in cancers were reported that disrupt cellular metabolic pathways [ 1920 ]. Recently, researchers have produced rapid advances in the field of cancer therapy, where genetic alterations and the dysfunction of al transduction pathways play important roles [ 789 ].

Open Access Article. High-throughput methods for exploring disease progression mechanisms might play a pivotal role in the improvement of novel therapeutics. A Cox proportional hazard model was carried out to evaluate the clinicopathological parameters through univariate and multivariate analysis.

You can make submissions to other journals here. Introduction The World Health Organization WHO has provided statistical reports showing that cancer is one of the leading causes of premature death, and patient s are increasing due to an aging population [ 1 ].

Since the expression of LAGE family genes was differentially expressed in breast cancer patients, we next performed further exploration of the potential roles of family genes in clinical human breast cancer specimens, connected with other featured biomarkers according to molecular subtypes of breast cancer.

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First, it was used to determine if LAGE family members are highly correlated with metastatic markers. Decreasing gene rank percentiles are indicated as a color gradient. This article belongs to the Section Pathology and Molecular Diagnostics.

An auto-cutoff applied in this analysis helped to create two groups of patients based on the best cutoff value of LAGE3 mRNA, as demonstrated in red high and black low.

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The up blocks with red color illustrate over-expression, and the down blocks showed under-expression. LAGE3 expressions were confidently associated with metastatic events, tumor grades, and tumor stages in breast cancer patients with different stages Figure 1 C.

To further explore the role of several clinicopathological factors in the development of breast cancer, we investigated the univariate and multivariate Cox hazard model. In particular, high LAGE3 expression was found in human colon, lung, and kidney tumors.

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Despite years of extraordinary efforts to enhance our knowledge of its biology and improving surgical treatments, and chemotherapies, patient prognoses with advanced BRCA have not yet been clarified [ 66 ]. Various publicly available databases, including Gene Expression Omnibus GEOwhich covers more than 94, datasets and over 2 million samples, are widely employed in cancer research for both raw and processed dataset analyses [ 212223242526 ].

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Moreover, these also revealed that patients with chemotherapy treatment and overexpressed LAGE-1 had a higher survival probability than chemotherapy untreated patients Figure 3 K,L. Furthermore, MetaCore has also become accustomed to build functional networks to specify the biological process involved in each tissue. Sz-Ying Hou. Chung-Chieh Chiao. Members of the L-antigen LAGE family participate in the development of various cancers, but their expressions and prognostic values in breast cancer remain to be clarified.

In free lages cell phone chat lines, the Kaplan-Meier method was applied to explore correlations between expressions of LAGE family members and prognoses of breast cancer patients. Intriguingly, low LAGE3 expression was observed in several cancer tumor types, such as lung, breast, liver, and colon tumors, but not pituitary tumors [ 1516 ]. Oncomine is mainly applied to numerous cancer types and subtypes to query mRNA gene expression profiles, and it offers multiple types of analysis, allowing researchers to compare variations in gene expressions between matched tumor and normal tissues [ 2728 ].

Article Menu. In addition, LAGE family members were shown to be essential genes involved in the metastasis of primary solid tumors [ 1213 ].

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There were two parts to this analysis. ificant correlations are shown between highly expressed LAGE1 and poor survival outcomes of breast cancer patients. Get Information. LAGE family protein expressions were further evaluated using the publicly available Human Protein Atlas HPA platform, which contains images of tissue microarrays labeled with antibodies alongside 11, human proteins.

Dang Tang, W. Phan, N. Nhut Anuraga, G. Hou, S. Chiao, C. Liu, Y. Wu, Y. Lee, K. Wang, C. Khoa Ta, H. Need Help? Furthermore, MetaCore has become familiarized with making pathways networked from the input genes list to stipulate biological processes. Interestingly, high LAGE3 expression was associated with poor survival outcomes for the group of chemotherapy untreated patients.

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Wan-Chun Tang. We determined expressions of LAGE family genes in various cancer types using the CCLE database [ 3132 ], an online database that provides public access to genome data, analysis, and visualization of human cancer cell lines. Only LAGE3 was clearly shown, whereas free lages cell phone chat lines others are still not clear. The 85 common genes were inputted to GlueGO and CluePedia to build a network of gene interactions and their related pathways.

Thus, MetaCore explanation of the enriched biological processes showed that the genes expressed with LAGE3 were involved in molecular processes related to the cell cycle. Expression levels were exported and charted as a heat map with a log2 transformation of expression values. To our advantage, databases for LAGE functions and networks as well as gene enrichment pathways have been explored using MetaCore, a high-quality biological platform including integrated pathway and network analyses for multi-omics data [ 29 ].

For chemotherapy-treated patients and untreated patients, there was no difference in survival time, and both had poor outcomes for overexpression of LAGE2B.

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Furthermore, a gene ontology GO analysis was also implemented to describe genes and gene products from three : cell composition, molecular function, and biological processes [ 414243 ]. Nam Nhut Phan. ificant associations of LAGE family genes were correlated with the cell cycle, focal adhesion, and extracellular matrix ECM receptor interactions as indicated by functional enrichment analyses.

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