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And Pedro, Busy P and So Me, the guy who does all the art work, we are very much on the same for this. Yeah, nuts. The what? The one you put on a bike with the little pump kind of thing? Audio Research was much more of an indie hip-hop label from the Fat Beats, Rawkus era, which we kept going, but in the last few years I got more into merging electronic music with the rap stuff that I was producing.

It works both ways. Like the song I did with Little Brother, for example, that to me is like a chapter.

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I think everybody likes that song but…. So, on one hand I wanted to have that element in my production. On the other hand, if you look at it like two, three years ago, I wanted to work with a few rappers that I liked without sticking to whatever those old paradigms we were taking about in terms of who you would expect me to work with. They were just so influential, being producers they were using the same records, they were using the same tools, they were using the same samplers, but they were artists of their own.

With Kanye? In this lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy, the duo explained how and why they broke away from the restrictions of hip-hop, how they adapted to the digital age and how to rock a party and still maintain integrity. I like him too.

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Certain indie artists are way more sustainable than the artists that are ed to majors. You must have about million sirens in your collection somewhere. Especially, after I discovered some of the samples that they used. And then for the next song to be a different approach and not to fall into formulas. I actually have at home those old-school bicycle horns, I should have brought that, too, the Mr Magoo horn. We must have over read the bit about the candles. Oh, damn. So, there was that element to it and then I also wanted to have an element that works very close to what Mehdi was describing, in terms of making danceable uptempo instrumentals.

When you come from a hip-hop background, when you make a track, all you really make is a loop and someone helps you turn it into a song and then you might make a few change-ups once they put their vocals on it to spruce it up a bit. Looking to fuck chat e atrak has cashews. Is that what you learnt when you were on tour with Kanye then?

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But a lot of things made the opportunity for us to be on a larger scale also: a wider range of artists, a lot of artists who were kind of doing the same thing in small parts of the world but you could add them up. Just seeing rap and electronic merge together Within all these types of music, what do you actually like? At the end of the day, I really feel right now in music, what excites me looking to fuck chat e atrak as the industry is more and more in shambles, the quality of music is more and more of a driving force.

Sometimes promoters get cheap and they give you the nut variety pack but all you want is the cashews. We lose a lot of money. Not only the label, because Pedro did it or whatever, but just the spirit and the powerful French artists to come, for example here. This is an improvised lecture as you can tell already but I swear we are going to get into the rhythm of things.

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I come from a background of turntablism, as you probably know, and there has been some, what I would call scratch music, meaning like tracks that are mainly executed by manipulating records as opposed to putting a sound in a drum machine or whatever. And second, I thought at one point that our best producers in the hip-hop field, namely Kanye, for example, or Pharrell or Timbaland, or all those guys, even if you say Dr Dre, they had to become rappers to become pop stars.

And it was very hard, even if you were deeply rooted in the backpack underground hip-hop scene, which can be the most closed circuit that you can ever do, they were everywhere.

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I mean, yeah, Mehdi definitely I think Mehdi and I only met less than a year ago, but I knew about him for years, and actually he met No, who are holding onto this sacred vision of what hip-hop is supposed to sound like as much as it was a few years ago.

So yeah, OK, this is the more official bit. All these minority subgenres become the new mainstream and everyone is just putting the three distinctive tracks of each genre.

I think I listen to I try to pick and choose in almost every genre, but what I listen to the most is still rap and electro, and then a certain selection of classics that I love. Yeah, exactly, yeah. I guess so.

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I always thought that Daft Punk had a hip-hop or close to hip-hop production, anyways. When The Blueprint came out there was nothing indie that was comparable, and the indie stuff became….

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In other words, do you like stuff? How do you go from improvising into rhythm anyway because, I mean, you guys usually plan things out in what you call a routine? I think we spent more time in the industry than out of it, which is…. But you know what? A what?

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For a second, it really was that simple but now, all the styles are merging anyways. Part of that comes from the fact that I feel like music is stagnant and exciting at the same time. The hip-hop stuff that I did that was really pure hip-hop. I think in certain respects what Kanye does with music, and it translates with his shows even more, is kind of like a musical education side of it, where he embraces the idea that his music is for everyone.

I got a big scar all across here from last night when Mehdi hit me with a vodka bottle. There was also an influence from the electronic music field, where producers such as the Chemical Brothers, as Fatboy Slim as Daft Punk were becoming artists of their own and interpreting and performing their own songs…. You like stuff?

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And I think Mehdi was talking about the challenge and the difficulties of making instrumental songs when you come from a hip-hop background. Michael Jackson is so good, you like him? Whether stuff looking to fuck chat e atrak I was producing or people that were in the same scene as me that I felt Nick and I could really bring together and package with some good art work and get behind.

So Mehdi and I are doing this tour together right now. And when every layer of your track is like that I really like the richness of that. The way you present yourself to ten people or ten million people should be the same. This whole lecture is going to be about nuts. When we first met, I remember having a long conversation with him about that because I faced the exact same challenges when I started producing more in the past few years.

Which interestingly enough was the first time that Jay-Z did a true album as such, as one consistent theme as well. I was running another label before that called Audio Research, which was ten years old when we stopped it this year. Speaking of Daft Punk, and obviously with you representing Ed Banger to a certain degree, you got a common link in the person running it. If you know in American or in Canada, or even in England. What is the difference between some old Dead Head following Jerry Garcia for 5, miles and us praying every morning to the holy Street Sounds compilation?

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Basically, there was a new wave of artists and songs that I wanted to champion and put out. So what else do you have on your rider then? Anything less is just not a legume. So, I can really relate to what he was just saying. You can take them off as well and you can use it as a foghorn like one of those hunting things?

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I agree with, Mehdi named Timbaland and the Neptunes, I think for a lot of us around or once the Neptunes got past using the exact same sounds in every track and made a few really, really interesting songs, and did the N. To me, anyone that still talks about mainstream and underground, except for really extreme examples, except for really extreme cases, is kind of stuck in an old dichotomy of rap and of music because there definitely was a point to me around the early s where major-label rap records came back to being the best rap records.

But I wanted to make songs that were good songs but that have that technical element because I happen to like the textures that that would bring to production. Hummus, nuts, cashews, preferably. I never really understood that I thought it was some weird numerological conspiracy behind it, I thought you might clean it up? Obviously, the commercial realities somehow have fused the two worlds together anyway, because overall looking to fuck chat e atrak s have gone down, so the difference between and 20, sales, is not that gigantic anymore.

So, I have to find a way to make interesting music instrumental and hip-hop at the same time. And part of it is also embracing the idea of being a pop artist and an artist that makes popular art for everyone to appreciate, and bringing that to the masses. Listening to guys like Shadow a few years ago, but at the same time watching that style of instrumental, sample-based hip-hop turn into practically hotel music when it got watered down and replicated so many times.

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If EDM has taken some not entirely unwarranted hits for its reputation for excess, fans need only point to A-Trak for legitimacy.

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A second sample of "Indestructible", featuring its strobe-like chorus and string sounds.

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So if you feeling like one, get ready to be two, cause we back What's that shit y'all be saying?